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For my huge list of Free Makeup Samples & Beauty Samples, read more about how to get makeup samples in the mail.

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Makeup Samples Girl - trying on makeup I find free Makeup and other Beauty Sample freebies online!

Then you can go right to the source and try free samples for yourself. It's not hard to find makeup and beauty freebies if you know where to look. 

It's fun trying new free beauty products.  Many cosmetics companies have new products coming out all the time, and they want consumers to sample them and tell their friends about them. By offering sampler packs, they might gain new loyal customers who otherwise would not have invested in a pricey cosmetic if they couldn't try it first. 

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large selection of personal care product samplesAll the FREE  Makeup & Beauty Samples that I can find!
Here's where you can find a list of links to cosmetic companies that are giving away free samples of their products, and instructions on how to get updates to get more makeup samples

Lots of cosmetic companies give out samples for women to try as a marketing plan. They want you to try their products, which is one of the best ways they can get you to love their products in the future. This is more true for beauty products than any other type of sampling, especially when it comes to specfic brands and there should be no shipping charges for them to be truly free. In just a few minutes of your time you can visit their request pages and sign up, and in no time at all you'll have samples coming to your mailbox. You can try new kinds of lipstick, shampoo packets, mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, moisturizer, lotion, and even perfumes. 

Top Free Makeup Samples!
These are some of the most popular offers to cosmetic company websites that are currently offering free makeup samples. 

FREE Sample of Rimmel Lip Gloss *NEW**top choice

3 FREE  Skincare Samples - Lubriderm & St Ivestop choice
Register at freeflys to get a bunch of free samples

FREE Maybelline XXL Mascara samplestar

OlayFREE Product Samples
at coolsavings. Offers change frequently. Sometimes they have Olay samples or Dove beauty freebies. Sign up and get their notices by email. These really work! (US only)

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Beauty product or jewelry.

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Makeup Chic's Blog - free makeup samples and tips

Free Sample of L’Oreal Everpure Shampoo!
Free Beauty sample:  L’Oreal Everpure shampoo How to get it: To request your free sample, simply click the link below and fill out the short form.  Easy! Get your free L’Oreal Everpure sample now while supplies last! This goes to the Loreal Facebook page ...

Mineral MakeUp
Mineral makeup is not a new phenomenon, but it does seem to be gaining in popularity since it first hit the market in the 1970?s. Although some people have pooh-poohed the mineral makeup craze, it does have some benefits and should be considered by most of us as a…

More Beauty and Makeup Tips:

Nail art designsNail Art Ideas and Designs
A growing list of my nail art including photos and how to instructions for lots of cute nail polish beautyand makeover tips.  If you love to paint your nails, this page is for you.

Home Made Facial Recipes
facial mask recipesCook up your own beauty treatments! Use stuff you already have at home to create a beauty treatment the natural way. Articles on homemade beauty facials, and ways to beautify and indulge yourself using ingredients such as: Avocado, Banana,  Honey & Sour Cream, Almonds & Berries, Cornmeal, and more!

Virtual Makeovers!
virtual makeover resultsSee my hiliarious results from using beauty makeover software, and find out where to do yours for free. Have you ever wondered how you'd look blonde.... or pink? Here's an easy way to find out! 

Many cosmetic companies offer free makeup samples online, and here's where to find them! I list lots of free makeup on the "Beauty Samples" page of this site. I also have an active facebook community where I send the most recent free beauty and makeup samples as I find them, so you can request right from the cosmetic companies online. 

You can also find recipes for cooking up your own beauty treatments right at home, and even read your beauty horoscopes!  And finally, be sure to check out "Makeup Chick's" column for weekly beauty tips and some sassy attitude. She really has the scoop on looking good and on what doesn't work, and she isn't shy about dishing it out.

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