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Virtual Makeovers Discussion...
My personal commentary on my new looks!
Here's the real me on the left (ok, so it's not a great photo, but it's my "before" picture and I have no makeup and my hair is pulled back and hideous!!). 
And here's the "real" me that I really feel like most of the time. Kinda wacky hair and fun pointy glasses.  I've never actually made myself look like that in real life, but I do feel like that inside most of the time. 

Here's me with some short hair-dos. I especially like the makeover on the left. I wonder if I'd really look like that though. Most of my adult life, I've worn my hair long, so here's how I might look with a shorter do. 

People with short hair claim that it's so easy to take care of, but to me it seems like more work because you can't just throw it up in a pony tail on your bad hair days, and you have to keep going to the hairdresser much more often to keep it looking good. 

Long hair is a lot more work when you want it to look good though, so I guess it's a toss up.  I just don't have the time and patience to keep going to see my hairdresser (as much as I love him!). 
This virtual makeover is a lot like the real me as far as the hair goes, except that I wear my hair a little longer and with more bangs. 

The makeup here needs a little work though. The eyeliner is too dark and I don't know what is up with that cheek color! My hair seems a little flat as well. I need to give it a little more volume.

Here's a virtual makeover look that would probably be very do-able for me, since I'm naturally a brunette, but also very high maintenance. I am not a high mantenance kind of girl. As far as the makeup goes, all that black eyeliner seems to only make my eyes look smaller, and the blush is all the wrong color too. Nope, this one is not it for me.
Same look for this makeover but with different colors. Even as a blonde, this look does not work for me.
Now we are way out there with this virtual makeover. It  would take a drastic perm to make my hair look like this, and again, I don't think I'm really a short-hair girl. And I'm definitely not a red head. I do like the brown eyeshadow though. If these curls were natural, it might be an easy wash and wear hairstyle. I'd miss my long locks though. 
This makeover is ok, but not great. The hair is like the "Rachel" look from Friends. I don't know why I keep giving myself different sunglasses. I guess I'm trying to disguise myself in order to really get a truly new look. This hair may look good on some folks, but that chin length framed face thing is definitely making my  face and neck look fat. I just don't think I'm destined to be blonde.
OK, more gray hair. But check out that cook cut!  I love it. This is almost the same haircut as the top of this page, but a little longer and the part is more messy and in the middle. This one seems to frame my face just right. I guess I should have tried this makeover with my natural hair color. The makeup is toned down and more normal looking too. And my eyes are actually showing.  I definitely like this look. 

(The fun never ends!)


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