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Scoring Free Makeup Samples at the Mall

I did a little experiement at the mall not long ago. I went into a department store and did some shopping for makeup and clothes when I was not exactly looking my best. I had on some ratty jean shorts and had not made much effort with my hair or makeup. Needless to say, I did not get much effort shown to me by the department store staff.

I went another day to the same store when I was looking totally hot. I had ironed my hair and done a decent job with my makeup, and although I was wearing jeans, I had on some cute shoes and a nice shirt. I looked like I cared. Wouldn’t you know it, the department store staff cared too. They were much more eager to help me. In fact, one lady was walking around handing out coupons to customers for some nice free makeup items and she gave me one. I noticed she didn’t give them to everyone — probably just people that she thought might really use them. SO, I really scored a nice set of moisturizers and other skin care products that day. All it took was a little effort on my part of looking my best.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith