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Makeup Tip: Use a Good Brush!

If you’ve ever watched a makeover tv show, or seen some professional makeup artists apply makeup you may have noticed that they do NOT use those little sponge tipped applicators to apply eye-shadow. Why do you suppose that is? Probably because they are worthless. Those spongy applicators don’t give you any control, they are barely more than an inch or two long, and they get cakey and clumpy. And yet, we keep using them. Do yourself a favor and go buy a decent set of makeup brushes. Get some of varying brush length and softness. You’ll thank me for it.

When using your wonderful makeup brushes, be sure to tap out the excess color before applying it to your skin so you don’t have the dust falling all over your cheeks while you are trying to make yourself look fabulous. Put the mascara on last, just for this reason. And remember, you’re worth it. ….. You’re welcome.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith