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Nail Polish Tip – Clear Top Coat or not?

My daughter actually did a science project on this topic last year. She painted her nails with two coats of polish and then added a clear coat to the top. Each day we took pictures and recorded the number of chips in her polish. She did it again without the clear coat. Then she repeated the whole process for a total of three times.

The results were very conclusive — the manicure with the clear coat lasted almost twice as long as the one without. It also looked shinier and better overall for a longer time period.

So, the results are in — Take the extra few minutes to put on the top coat of nail polish!

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1 Kendy { 12.17.08 at 5:23 am }

Let me tell you some tips on how to give yourself a manicure. You can give yourself a professional manicure at home. All you need to do is search simple tools and tips of the professional manicurists use. Avoid using a seesaw motion. Push back cuticles. Use a cuticle moisturizer if they do not push back easily after soaking. Add a second coat for deeper color.Finish the manicure with a top coat of clear polish.

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Laurel Smith