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Blue Eyeshadow – Yay or Nay?

I saw a question on Yahoo Answers recently that asked guys if they would date a woman who wore blue eyeshadow. The answers were varied, but most guys really didn’t care because all they really wanted was a date. Probably not the best venue for a good opinion.

OK, so … blue eye shadow.

Point:It can be sexy if it’s done right. It looks best on someone with brown eyes. It helps draw attention to the eyes rather than the makeup. That’s the whole point of makeup! Think about it. At he grocery store, many fruits are displayed atop complimentary colors. You do not see oranges atop orange display cases, or apples on red ones. Blue eyes do not need blue eyeshadow. It looks best if it’s done in combination with some other shades, not just one blue color all on it’s own.

Counterpoint: This always seems to be the first color that young pre-teens go for when they are experimenting with makeup for the first time. They don’t understand yet that the make up is not supposed to “look” like they are wearing makeup. It is also closely associated with the “trailer park” and in general can be associated with less educated or very young girls. Don’t just slap it on there because the blue eyeshadow looks so pretty in the container. It has to go on your face!

Whatever you do, choose your eyeshadow color to enhance your eyes, not to match your dress.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith