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Eyebrow Shaping Tips

The worst thing you can do for your eyebrows is go overboard. Over-plucking results in an unnatural look and takes a very long time to grow out. Some people, especially those who have thin eyebrows to begin with, never regrow their over plucking mistakes and end up drawing in their eyebrows for the rest of their lives. NOT a good look when you are older, which you will be someday (hopefully!).

Cleaning up your natural brow is really the only plucking/waxing that should ever be done. You have to work with what you have. Trying to force a new shape onto your eyebrows will not compliment your face.

A huge mistake many beginners make lands them the “tadpole” eyebrow look. This is where they have a big thicker brow towards the nose, and a thin tiny tail following it all the way back. This is overplucked! Another huge mistake is “boomerang” brows. These are pointy at the top instead of nicely arched.

What you should do: Clear up the space between your eyebrows for starters and lose the uni-brow, without putting too much space between them. More space between the brows tends to make the eyes look farther apart which is NOT usually a good thing, unless you have very close eyes to begin with. Then clean up all the stray hairs above and below your natural eyebrow. This will be the best look for you. The underside of the eyebrow usually requires more frequent maintenance than the top. Finally, trim up remaining hairs that are especially long. Come them down and then shorten them with a small pair of eyebrow scissors.

More than anything, you want to appear natural, otherwise it just draws (unwanted) attention to the wrong areas.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith