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The Search for the Perfect Mascara

Most girls consider mascara an integral piece in their makeup bag. It can do so much – on a basic level it lengthens and defines our lashes but it also does that work to make us feel more sexy, beautiful and confident.

When I was younger I often went for the cheapest brand of mascara I could find. This often consisted of mascaras that came free with magazines (until I realized there’s a reason they were free!) or mascaras from makeup boxes I had been given as a gift. The most extravagant mascara I used to own was usually the store brand offering from the local pharmacy.

Back in those days I was fine with what I had. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too bothered about the quality – it seemed to be more about quantity and making my eyes look as dark as possible. But there comes a day when every girl starts to be able to afford the make-up she really wants, yet finding out what that might be is more of a challenge.

Often, it’s easy to go for the most expensive and well-packaged mascara that just must be able to work miracles for the price they’re charging. Not the case! Of course, price can mean a lot when it comes to looking for makeup, but it isn’t everything. Often brands will bump up the price just because they can put a famous name to the product, but speaking from personal experience this does not always work out for the shopper.

Continue reading next week to see what I chose….

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