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Flat Iron Tips for Hair

The flat iron has done wonderful things for hair styles since it became popular a few years ago. It smooths hair and makes it shiny and flowing. Those of us who have moderately wavey hair benefit the most from a flat iron. There are several tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your flat iron.

First, make sure you have invested in a good one. It’s tempting to get a cheaper one, but trust me when I say it will not last very long and it really won’t work as well as a more moderately priced one. Even those will wear out after a year or two of heavy use.

Use it on freshly washed hair that is mostly dry, but not entirely. The long strands of hair should be about 80% dry and will steam out nicely when straightened. Be sure the hair near the roots is very dry or you’ll risk burning your scalp from the steam.

Separate out small sections of hair that are as wide as your iron, but only an inch thick across the scalp. Run the iron over each section twice, and at a different angle each time in order to insure that you smooth the hair cuticle on all sides.

There are several products you can use on your hair to help straighten it as well. Some work to put moisture into your hair, and others are spray on products that help neutralize the ions that cause static and add sheen. If you use these kinds of products on your hair before you iron it, be sure to wipe the iron clean after each use. That will ensure that your hair slides easily through the plates for the next use and will help minimize breakage.

If you iron your hair every day, it’s probably a good idea to give your hair a rest occasionally. And be sure to keep your hair in good condition by getting it trimmed regularly.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith