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Makeup Experiment

When you were a young and first trying makeup, you probably tried all kinds of things. I remember getting together with girl friends and giving each other huge “makeovers” and then washing it all off and trying again. You can still do it!

The wonderful thing about makeup is that it isn’t permanent like a tattoo, hair cut, or hair color (although even that is un-doable). Give yourself permission to try some new things on yourself. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to wash it off though, and don’t do it right before you are about to walk out the door in case it’s a disaster. Try some new colors, a new way of applying the makeup, or some new makeup brushes and tools that you have never used.

If you would rather try a vitual makeover first, then by all means. You can see some of my virtual makeover results here!

Go ahead! Experiment. You might find something wonderful to make a part of your regular look.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith