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The Search for the Perfect Mascara – Part 2

The perfect mascara will depend on your needs – you might want huge eyelashes; at other times you might want something more subtle; you may also be looking for a waterproof mascara for the holidays. It is important to bear all of these factors in mind during your search, and to know that it is unlikely you will find one magic brush to match all of these needs.

For an everyday mascara to create a tidy, yet subtle effect, I choose Max Factor Masterpiece mascara. It brings perfect definition every time and in truth I was amazed when I first found a mascara with this brush design. I have seen many others since then, but I have stuck to what I know. I also found that Max Factor’s Masterpiece Max was a perfect step-up from their original Masterpiece, to create a thicker look yet still not overdone.

There are, of course, those nights out when I just want my eyes to look as dark and as thick as they possibly can. We all want to make an impact at times, and mascara is a great way to do this. On these occasions I tend to use Benefit’s Bad Gal which does what it says on the tin. It isn’t meant to be nice and subtle – but bold and obvious! As for the waterproof, I have found simple is best – cheap and cheerful classic waterproof mascara from Maybelline was all I needed.

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