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Toe Nail Polish Tips

If you can’t afford the luxury of a professional pedicure, you can still pamper yourself! Or get some girlfriends together and have a pedicure party! Think about the things that professionals do to your feet to make them nice.

Start by soaking them in some warm soapy water for a few minutes. You can do this just by soaking in a nice hot bath for a while – another plus to doing it at home! When you get out of the tub, it’s time to exfoliate. Scrub the areas of dry thick skin on your feet and make them soft. Then slather on some lotion and be sure to work it into your cuticles.

Once the lotion has been absorbed, you are ready to start. Trim back hanging cuticles, and trim and file the nails. Discolorations can be buffed out with a nail buffer.

Before adding any color, begin with a clear base coat. This will help prevent discoloration of your nails from darker polish. Dark polish has a bad tendency to turn your nails yellow, so don’t skip this step! Add a couple coats of your polish, and be sure to let it dry thoroughly in between coats. Apply the coats quickly so they don’t go on too thick which will cause drying problems down the line.

Finally, add a top clear coat. This will make the manicure last a long time. If you need touch ups every few days, then add them. A good pedicure should last at least 2-3 weeks.

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