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Foundation Tips

What do we need to know about foundation? Well, first of all there is no “rule” that you MUST wear foundation at all. You have to evaluate your own look as well as your lifestyle and decide if you need it. Then what? Well, basically there are four types of makeup foundation:

Liquid Foundation – This is the most popular and widely used. It helps even out your skin tone, but if you have problem areas, you will likely need a concealer on those spots first. Liquid foundation comes in water based for oily skin or young acne prone skin, and it comes in an oil base for mature dry skin.

Cream Foundation – This is thicker and more opaque. It gives a much more flawless look and is great for mature aging skin. It can also work as a concealer.

Tinted Moisturizer – This is moisturizer and color in one bottle. It works well if you don’t need a whole lot of coverage or if you have a very active lifestyle (meaning lots of exercise, etc.)

Dual Finish Powder Foundation – You can apply this dry like a powder, or use a damp sponge. It works well if you have oily skin and don’t want it to appear to shiny.

As you grow older, you might want to re-evaluate your foundation to meet your skin’s changing needs. Almost all of these foundation options come with a sunscreen option, which is a fantastic idea. I personally start with a sunscreen, and then use a concealer for my problem areas, and finish off with a light powder on my oily areas.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith