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Pencil Pointers

An eye pencil is part of my makeup mainstay. It works with my mascara to define my eyes and give me the illusion of long luscious lashes! Some tips for using an eye pencil:

Don’t sharpen to a sharp point.
You need to be able to smudge it gently to blend.

Don’t outline your entire eye.
This will actually make your eye look smaller! Most people have best results using it on the outer 3/4 of the lid (upper lid only or both lids).

Make it work with your mascara. And don’t over do.
It shouldn’t draw attention to its self. This is a basic rule for almost any makeup. You want a natural look to make people look at your eyes, not your eyeliner.

Forget about the liquid liner.
Liquid eyeliner is fine if you are going for the vamp look — which may be exactly what you want for certain occasions! But probably not for every day. Liquid liner is really hard to apply without a very steady hand, and it doesn’t blend at all. It is only for harsh lines.

Use Neutral colors.
Consider browns, charcoal and muted blacks. True black is too harsh. If you use brown, you can always go back and add darker colors for more effect using another pencil or even eyeshadow.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith