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Department Store Makeover

Those nice ladies at the department store counters can give you a great makeover, but remember that they do work on commission. Their job is to sell you something! I have found that most of them tend to apply way too much product when giving someone a makeover. I’m not sure why they think more is better, but there are ways to get a good makeover and learn some new tips from these ladies.

First, plan ahead. Avoid the busy lunch hours when you will have to wait. Try to get there shortly after the store opens or closer to closing. Do some exfoliating the night before so you can start with clean skin

Choose your artist. Look for a counter that appeals to you and an artist who wears her own makeup in a well applied manner. If she loads it on, and you are a more minimal person, then look for someone else.

Don’t be Shy. Speak up and tell your artist what kind of work you do and how you normally wear your makeup. You want a realistic application, one that you can actually use.

Know your obligation. Sometimes there is a minimum purchase requirement for a makeover, but most of the time there is no obligation to buy anything. If you really are not interested in their products after trying them, then be honest. Don’t get suckered into buying some expensive product just because it comes with a “free gift”.

Have the makeup artist write down the products you tried, in case you are interested in coming back and purchasing them later. Have fun and learn some new tips.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith