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Mascara Tips – How to apply it!

Learning to apply mascara takes time and practice. Recently I’ve helped a young teen and new makeup-wearer learn to apply her mascara. She found it awkward at first. The biggest difficulty was applying it to the lower lashes she said. Here are a few tips for applying it:

For the lower lashes, the trick here is to brush it more sideways onto the lashes than brushing in the direction they grow. If you do that, you end up getting mascara all over your cheeks.

Put eyeshadow and eyeliner on first, and the mascara on last to avoid powdered eyeshadow falling onto the lashes.

Don’t just comb the lashes, wiggle the brush right at the base of the lashes to give them good coverage.

Don’t let any skin show between your lashes and your liner. Smudge the line to fill in the gap if needed.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith