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Red Lips for Everyone

There really is a red lipstick for every woman. The secret is in the undertones, not in the color itself. For example, a Fire Engine red will look best on skin tones with warm complexions like olive skin. A cherry red will look better on women with cooler skin tones such as fair skin. Dark complexions have more options and can pick just about any color of red.

In general, fair skin looks good in true pinks or nudes. You should avoid brown. Medium complexions should try a more rose shade. You can go toward peach as well, and when you go red, look for more burgundy. Olive skin is flattered most by shades that include a little brown in them. Avoid pinks.

Your lipstick should work with your skin and hair color, not your outfit. Don’t match it to your new shirt, or a shade that happens to look great on someone else. It may not work well for you. Top it off with a glossy finish. And remember, if you use a lip liner, it should NEVER be darker than your lipstick. It should match the shade of your mouth.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith