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Beauty Tips for Facial Hair

Facial hair… I’m not talking about eyebrows, or those of us who have an unfortunate mustache that we have to wrestle with. I’m talking about that baby peach fuzz that is all over your face, and most of your body for that matter. On some women, that peach fuzz gets to be quite thick! It’s really distracting and makes it hard to get your foundation on smooth.

Believe it or not, some women choose to remove that hair. They use a facial hair remover, or even shave it. The thickest areas for this hair are on the lower cheek especially near and along the jaw. I have found that shaving looks ok, but it grows back stubbly and no one wants a rough face. Just trimming this fuzz with some tiny grooming scissors is an acceptable alternative. It won’t remove all the hair, but it will get it to an acceptable level where it isn’t so distracting.

If the idea of this is giving you the heebie jeebies, then just remember that this is no worse than having to trim a projecting nose hair, or an eyebrow hair that is growing wildly out of control. If you have never experienced a wild hair like this, just give yourself time. You probably just aren’t old enough yet. Those hairs tend to get wilder as we get older.

The expensive option, of course, is electrolysis if you can afford it. It will probably take more than one treatment to get the results you want.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith