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Tips for Wearing Eyeliner

When applying eyeliner, start with a pencil that is not sharp. This sounds strange, but it’s easier to apply if the pencil is slightly used rather than pointed and sharp. You’ll be able to blend it better and get a softer look.

Start near the outside of your eye and work your way toward the center. You will likely not need to apply the eyeliner around your entire eye. That effect can sometimes make your eyes actually appear smaller. Try covering two thirds of your eyelid.

Keep the right in your eyelash line. Otherwise you’ll end up with uncovered space in between that looks awkward. Apply your eyeliner before your eye shadow, and before your mascara. You can always go back and retouch it after the eye shadow if the shadow dust gets into it. Use the smudge end of the eyeliner pencil to soften the look. Rarely will you want to go for the harsh eye liner look, unless you are actually going for that vamp look, in which case you’ll want a liquid eye liner to achieve that look.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith