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Beauty for Underarms

I recently had a laser hair removal treatment under my arms. So far it’s fantastic! I really recommend itOnce the last of the stubbly bits fell out, my arms feel smooth and soft and have no stubble at all. I have had no new growth yet. . I understand that it will probably require more than one treatment in order to achieve total hair removal, but so far so good. According to my esthetician, new hair growth will not start again for up to 3 months.

It works best on dark hair — blond and gray won’t absorb the heat energy needed to kill the hair follicle.

What about pain? I must confess that it was not pleasant. In fact, it has been described as someone repeatedly snapping a rubber band against your skin. I would agree with that. But in the long run, never having to shave again, or even better – to never have any underarm stubble ever – is totally worth the few minutes of discomfort that it took, and worth the price too. Consult a medical day spa for their treatment options if this is something that you want to consider!

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith