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Pedicures For Men, or From Men

My boyfriend showed up at my house on the morning of my birthday and told me to get my shoes because he was taking me out for a birthday pedicure! I loved it! What a great gift and a special treat, especially because I do not regularly get a professional pedicure. If your guy is looking for gift ideas for your birthday – this is a great idea! And just as interesting was that the technician happened to be a man too.

What made it even more special was that he decided to get a pedicure right along side me. And believe me, his feet were in serious need of some TLC. He is a runner, so his feet regularly take a pounding and rarely leave his athletic shoes. It takes a special guy to put himself through a “beauty treatment”, but more and more men are doing this all the time. I loved that his nails look clean and healthier and the rough spots on his feet are now softer.

It makes for playing “footsie” with him even sweeter.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith