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Beautiful Bare Naked Nails

Even if you don’t regularly wear nail polish you can keep your hands and nails looking beautiful.

When you shower you should push back your cuticles while they are soft. Keep them healthy looking and clean for starters.

Don’t bite your nails! Keep your nails clean and file down rough edges. Keep a nail file hand so that you are not tempted to pick at them when you get chip or a crack. Absolutely do not pick at your cuticles – use a nail trimmer! Picking at your cuticles will cause them to tear and can lead to infection and swelling on your cuticles.

It’s best to try to keep your nails all similar in length, rather than having some of them longer than others. Sometimes a coat of clear polish will make them shiny and doesn’t need nearly the same upkeep that painting your nails with colored polish requires.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith