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Beautiful in Glasses or Contacts

Can your glasses be a fashion statement? Or are you just better off ditching them and wearing contacts all the time to give access to your eyes?

Glasses can definitely be a fashion statement. They can come in handy if you want that sultry, sexy, studious look. You can change your frames and have different styles. Choose frames that fit your face shape. This is extremely important, and much easier if you bring a friend with you when you are choosing them to give and outsiders’ opinion. Or, rely on the experience of the frame fitter at the optometry office to help choose a frame to flatter your face. Sometimes it’s worth a little bit more money to get the frames that truly do look the best and are flattering so that you don’t get hung up and feeling like a “four eyes”.

One little known advantage to wearing glasses occasionally, is that they can help hide circles under your eyes when you are tired! Of course, if you get your beauty sleep, this won’t be necessary!

Contacts do help you see better overall though, especially your peripheral vision. You could have fun and experiment with different eye colors. It is a little easier to apply makeup when you are wearing contacts as well.

In short, you can be beautiful in either glasses or contacts. The important thing it to make the most of your options

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith