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Let Your Nails Breathe!

Do you wear polish on your fingernails and toenails all the time? When you are changing your polish, have you ever noticed that your nails are turning yellow? Or that they may even be getting brittle and cracked? Even if you are careful and wear a clear base coat to protect your nails, they still may be becoming discolored and suffering the effects of constant polish.

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to just let your nails go bare. No polish at all. Let them breathe. Remove all the polish. File them and buff them, and apply some lotion. Rub it into the nails and cuticles to soften them. Then go a week or two with no polish at all. Wear sandals and open toed shoes as often as you can, or just go barefoot around the house or at the pool.

Let those nails breathe some fresh air and catch their breath!

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith