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How to do Hair Wraps

Here’s a fun idea for a little beauty accent for your hair. This works best for long hair, but medium lengths work well too.

Take two different colors of embroidery thread and cut it to a length about three times the length of your hair. Next pull a very tiny strand of hair away from your other hair, up near your part line, but at least an inch or probably two from your forehead. Lay the two threads together to make it a double thread, and then place them behind the hair strand so that there is now a strand on either side of the hair.

Now braid the threads and the hair. The thread acts as two strands and the hair as one. The result will be that the thread will weave itself around the hair in an interesting pattern. Do it tightly so that it will not slip off. Tie it off just before you reach the ends of your hair. Choose colors that will match your outfit, and wear your hair loose or in a pony tail. Your hair wrap will last for several days, and you can even wash your hair without having to redo it. Just be careful when brushing your hair and hold it up so that you don’t pull it.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith