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More Shaving Tips

There are lots of things you can do to improve your results when you shave your legs to make them beautiful.

First, consider safety. Do not share razors with anyone. Use a clean razor and maintain it well. Change the blades as often as recommended. Shave on clean freshly washed skin to avoid infection and reduce irritation. Another thing that is important is to be careful not to “over shave”, by running your razor over the same area over and over (especially your armpits).

Us a moisturizer or other lubricant such as shaving cream or gel when shaving your legs. Use a gentle upward motion going against the direction of the hair growth to get the closest shave. Be careful if you have a habit of propping up your leg on the side of the shower so that you can avoid accidents.

When shaving your bikini area, and have a tendency to get those awful red bumps as a result of shaving there are several things you can do. Try using an electric razor that doesn’t shave quite so close. Or, there are several products you can use such as “Zero Bumps” that you can apply immediately after shaving to calm down irritated sensitive skin and ovoid the bumps. Keep other bikini hair trimmed as well.

If you want to avoid shaving all together, you can consider laser hair removal, but it only works on dark hair (forget blonde or gray hairs), and it can be expensive.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith