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Halloween Makeup tips

I know Halloween is over, but I learned quite a bit this year when I was applying my make up, and I wanted to share what I learned. Perhaps you can put it to use next year.

This year, I was a zombie. Not just a “recently killed” zombie like the ones from the new movie Zombieland, but a genuine — risen from the grave — kind of zombie. I even attended a class on how to do zombie makeup to make it look “authentic”.

For starters, skip the grease paint that they sell in the grocery stores this time of year. It just looks fake. You’ll do much better with a base of very light, or even white grease paint, but then top it with a white powder. Then, start your shadows and bruises with black eyeshadow and a good brush. Put a touch of purple underneath your eyes, and fill in some of the “bruising” with green and purple in addition to the black shadow. Don’t make the mistake of doing yourself up so that you are mask-like. Instead, be sure to get the makeup well into your hairline, and down your chin, and in fact all over your chest or arms or anywhere your skin is showing. Don’t forget your ears too. Add some dried moss to your messy hair for a finished look.

If you top it all off with some fake blood, you’ll be good to go scare!!

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith