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Holiday Makeup Tips

The festive party season is about to begin. Is your makeup ready? Make it special by adding a few special items to your makeup collection. Start with some radiant bronzer, –not too dark though. You want just enough to give a boost to dull wintertime complexions, but not so much that you are trying to look like you have a summertime tan.

Next, treat yourself to a new fragrance. This can be for you, or just for your house! Get some holiday incense or spritzer. Choose scents that remind you of the holidays like pine, nutmeg, oranges, or cloves. If you treat yourself to a fragrance, splurge on a perfume that is sophisticated and not to sweet.

Finally, get in the spirit. If you’re going to paint the town red, start with your lips. If your normally wear the same lip color day after day (a bad habit that I am into myself), then it’s time to brighten things up. Normally I wear a dark pink shade of lip color for my daily color. Recently I attended an event where I wore a black dress and carried a red feather boa. I had bright red lipstick to match. When I saw photos of myself in that bright red lipstick, I was stunned at how radiant I looked! I am planning to wear it more during the holiday season.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith