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How to Use and Eyelash Curler

Some people have eyelashes that tend to grow point out away from your face. You can really make your eyelashes look fuller if you curl them up. They will show more of the eyelash, and really open up your eyes to enhance them. It’s actually very simple to use an eyelash curler. Here’s how to use it:

Apply all your other eye makeup first, such as your eyeliner and eye shadow. Then, with your lashes still bare, you will use the eyelash curler. Open the mouth of lash curler and insert your top eyelashes. Carefully close down on the mouth until it clamps the eyelashes as close to your lid as you can get. Be very careful not to pinch your eyelid. If you feel any pain at all, then you are probably pinching your eye lid.

Rest the handle of the lash curler against your cheek being very careful not to bump it or move your hand. You may even want to rest your elbow on the counter. Do whatever is necessary to be very still so that you do not risk pulling out some of your eyelashes.

Hold the eyelashes closed in the curler for about 5-8 seconds. Then carefully open it up and release your eyelashes. They should be sufficiently curled, but you may want to repeat it once more to get the full effect. The bottom lashes will not work in a lash curler.

Finally, after you have curled them, you can apply your mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Now, you can go bat those beautiful eyes and look gorgeous!

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith