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My Favorite Blush

My daily makeup routine includes Almay Powder Blush. I use “pink” number 140. It seems to be the color that is best suited for me, and I have had trouble finding similar colors in other brands. This has resulted in me using this for a long time. Recently when I did finally locate some after having trouble, I bought 3 packs of it so that it would last me a long time before I had that trouble again!

This blush does not have that shimmery look to it, which I hate. I don’t like a shimmery blush because it tends to accentuate my wrinkles (I know! I can’t believe I am admitting I have wrinkles!!). It is also not overly scented like a lot of other blushers. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s highly scented makeup which conflicts with the scents I actually want to wear.

It blends easily and looks very natural. I often use it to add a little color just under my brow area as well, so that I don’t look so pale.

It doesn’t last as long as an “all day” type blush would last, but I find that it blends better than the cream blushers do, which definitely meets my needs. The application brush is a little small for my needs though, so I usually use one of my nice long-handled brushes to apply it.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith