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My Favorite Wrinkle Cream

In the never ending search for the perfect miracle cream to stop these wrinkles, I am currently using Loreal “Advanced Revitalift Anti-wrinkle concentrate“. I have not been using it very long, so the jury is still out on this product for me as to whether I will continue to purchase it in the future or not.

From what I have learned so far, it does make my skin feel very silky and not gummy like many other moisturizers. It does seem to produce some toning to my skin as well. I wish I could say that it has erased my wrinkles, but I think it will truly take a real miracle to do that. Either a miracle or something more drastic like surgery, which I am not exactly keen on doing. My vanity has not gone there yet!

The Revitalift cream comes in a very handy tube, which I really like, as opposed to those awkward jars that most creams come packaged in. This should make it easy for travel.

So, while I wait to see if it truly has wondrous effects, I do know that I already like it better than most other similar products I have tried. I wonder if others will have the same beauty results.

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