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Straight Sexy Hair

Straight Sexy Hair using Smooth & Seal spray for your hair. My hair stylist first introduced me to this product. He and another stylist were actually fighting over the last bottle of this product in the salon that day. He always used it on me, but I just didn’t realize how fabulous it was until we almost had a cat fight at the beauty salon!

This isn’t a traditional “hair spray”, although you do spray it on your hair. I have naturally wavy (sometimes frizzy!) hair, but I love to wear it smooth and straight most of the time. This stuff makes it shine and it also makes my flat iron glide right through my hair without pulling or sticking.

It works best for me if I blow dry my hair until it’s about 80% dry, then spray it with this product, and then flat iron it. At that point it is usually completely dry and gorgeous. Another plus is that it also seems to take care of the static problem that dry straight hair can often have, especially in the winter.

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