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“Dry” Hair Cut or Razor Cut

It may seem unusual to style your hair before you cut it, but that’s exactly what I have done.

My favorite way to wear my hair is long and straight. It’s naturally a little wavy, but I use a flat iron and straighten it. I like the way it glides over my shoulders and flips around softly when it’s been straightened. The most flattering haircut I get with this style is long straight, but soft layers. I also have long layered bangs (not blunt cut). The blunt cut just doesn’t work for my waves. It ends up looking choppy.

A great hair cut that I often get is what my hair stylist calls a “Dry Cut”. He blows it dry and then straightens it all before he even comes near it with the scissors. He pulls up a section at a time and cuts in a downward sweeping motion toward the floor to give me my soft cut. Occasionally he will even use a razor to get this effect. The razor gives very soft layers and makes all the hair lie with a full but flowing effect.

The dry cut gives attention to the way my hair will really lay once it’s been styled. If you like to wear your hair long and straight, ask your stylist if they have ever done a “dry cut”. You might get an effect you’ll ask for again and again.

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