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Makeup for Pale Skin

Many people are very fond of tanning or simply being out in the sun; but that isn’t the case for everyone! Throughout the world, a very pale skin tone is loved by a large chunk of the population. What those people don’t think about though, is that most makeup is not made for such a fair color. Very bright or dark colors can easily look ridiculous.

The first step is finding a foundation that matches your skin. This will be the hardest task that you face, because most tend to be a bit too yellow or shades too dark. Even the lightest ivory shade might be too dark! Cover up your foundation with a translucent powder and double check the colors to make sure your skin looks evenly colored.

Once your base is finished, the rest is quite a bit easier! If you are a fan of blush, a light pink will give you a very pretty rose-like glow. This will add a perfect freshness to your face. Light eyeshadow mixed with a simple shaded gloss can do wonders for pale skin, and don’t forget the mascara!

When you are finished, you should have a very classic and beautiful look. Pale skin has never looked better!

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