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Simple Sultry Lips

One thing people often forget is that simple lips can sometimes be better than ultra done up ones. A more natural look can go a long way, especially if done correctly. Many women tend to assume that without lipstick, they won’t look complete. In fact, sometimes lipstick can make a person look a bit too overdone!

Instead, why not try something a bit different? Forget the reds and pinks of the past, and take a look at your clear lip gloss. While it may seem boring or outdated, there is one simple thing that can do wonders for it: lip plumper.

Lip plumper is an amazing creation, and one you should try at least once. You brush it on like lip gloss and let it work it’s magic. Your lips will start to tingle within minutes, and as they do, they will puff up slightly. This can turn your small lips into a gorgeous pout people will be jealous of.

Now, you can leave the plumper’s gloss on, or you can put your own on over it. Some women find that if they wipe off the plumper and then put their own clear or tinted gloss of choice over it, nothing can top the look!

Simple has just become something that will turn heads.

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