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Your Big Day

It’s a day that everyone wants to look amazing  –  that day where nothing less than perfect will be accepted.  You want to be noticed and stand out. More than that, you want to be the one who shines brighter than the rest throughout the room.

Your hair will be the most difficult, yet the most cared after,  part of you today.   Depending on your personal style, you will want it either perfectly straight or in a very pretty arrangement.  Think of it as the crown on your head; if it looks good, you will look good.

However, your pre-day rituals will be just as important.  Washing your hair and cleaning yourself in general will be very helpful to your presentation.  If you look clean and fresh, nothing can stand in your way.

When you walk across the room, you want to present yourself in a way that makes heads turn.  You want to be the star.  If you take care of yourself properly,  and your owner puts in all the work, winning the dog show will be a piece of cake!

(Happy April Fool’s, everyone!)

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Laurel Smith