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A Mascara Secret

Applying mascara has always been a simple thing.  You brush it on in one or two layers, and then go about the rest of your makeup (or apply it at the end and move on to something else!).  Now, most of the time, when you search out mascara tips, you get the basic.  How do I stop clumping?  Where did all of the other tips go?  What no one tells you is that there is a way to make your lashes look extra long and gorgeous.

As you start your makeup, apply one coat of mascara.  This is usually best done right after you apply your base foundation and powder.  Continue with your normal routine next.  Make yourself pretty with your eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and anything else you like!  Now here’s where it changes a bit.

Add another coat of mascara.  Yes, over the already dried coat.  It will add that extra sass to your lashes, and make them look even longer!  You may want to use an eyelash brush now to separate them and remove any clumping, but other than that, they should look amazing!

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