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Blending Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is an everyday thing for many people, and at first glance it is hardly something to be worried about. You pick a color that goes well with what you are wearing or your skin tone, and simply brush it on. That’s it, time to leave! Right? Well, that could be the end to a wonderful eyeshadow story, but sometimes it leaves people wishing for more.

One thing that eyeshadow wearers forget very often is that blending goes a very, very long way. It can be as easy as blending the eyeshadow in to the rest of your makeup to create a very smooth look, or it can be more complex; such as blending two or more shades together. Either way,  it will get rid of the rough edges.

Have you ever noticed how some eyeshadow stands out and looks like a piece of the puzzle went missing? This is what blending will fix! Simple use a small brush to smooth it out, letting it mix into the surrounding colors or makeup. Be careful not to blend too high or too much on either side though! If you decide to use multiple shades, it works exactly the same. A painter wouldn’t forget to blend each shade of blue in an ocean, would he? Of course not; that would look silly!

The next time you pull out your eyeshadow brush, just remember that; your eyelid is your canvas. Blend, blend, blend!

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