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Covering Scars

Scars, if you are self conscious about them, can be very in-the-way and frustrating. More than once, I have seen people wearing long sleeves to hide them or even asking people to Photoshop them out! There are creams that you can apply that will lessen their appearance, but this does take time. In the meantime, why not just cover them up with makeup?

There are actually creams, such as DermaColor or Dermablend, that help you do just this! You apply them in a similar fashion as any concealer; making sure to cover your scar completely, and that’s it! Cover with a powder, and tada! Your scar is neatly hidden underneath a layer of makeup.

This technique also works with birthmarks or discoloration. In fact, I recommend it for simply evening out skin tone in small amounts as well! Small defects can be embarrassing to some, but don’t worry. There is always a way to make yourself feel beautiful again.

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Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith