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Turning Day to Night

If you have a short period of time between work and a party or just can’t quite take the time to completely redo your makeup, don’t worry!  Turning your daytime look into a night-time look is surprisingly easy, once you get the hang of it.  It is almost entirely in the eyes.

First, you need to pick out an eyeshadow that is just a few shades darker than the one you wore during the day. Don’t switch to another color, that would add an extra step! Brush it on in thin layers, until you achieve the darkness you prefer.  A tiny bit of dark eyeliner smudged underneath your eyes (and just a tiny bit!) will help add to the dramatic transformation.

Next, add a fresh layer of mascara to your lashes, and a bit of color to your lips. That’s it! In three easy steps, you have successfully turned an everyday look into a gorgeous dramatic one.  Time to hit the clubs; have fun!

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