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Getting the Haircut You Want

When you head into a salon, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Books everywhere, filled with every cut and color imaginable, mixed with products and helpful stylists.  It is really easy to become lost in it all and unsure of what you want, and in the end, even easier to walk out with an unsatisfactory style.

Before even setting foot in the salon of your choice, you should look through books, magazines or even the Internet to find a few styles you like. Picking out just one can be hard, as not every style will work for every person.  If you find two or three that could possibly be mixed together, or even ones that you like separately, you have a good chance of liking what you end up with.

Now, not every stylist will want to work off of a photo!  Keep in mind that it is, no matter how great a celebrity’s hair cut is, hard to replicate something exactly.  Think about the characteristics of what you want. Does it have long bangs? Choppy layers? These are the things you want to tell your stylist.  If you want the cut to frame your face,  make sure to tell them that! Sometimes knowing what you want is easier than judging from a photograph.  Also, if you are getting a color change, make sure to say exactly what you want.  If you want it slightly red, but not orange/red, tell them so before they begin.

Finding and getting a new style is so much fun, and a bad haircut can always be avoided!

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