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Soft Lips

Who doesn’t want soft, kissable lips? The surprising part of the thought is that they are right within your grasp!  Now, the normal way to achieve perfectly soft lips is to use moisturizing lip gloss or chapstick, but there is another way that isn’t advertised as much!

The next time you brush your teeth, don’t just set the toothbrush aside when you finish. Instead, run that brush over those lips. Really, it works! Brush lightly at them; it exfoliates them just like a good scrub would exfoliate your skin. There doesn’t need to be any toothpaste on the brush, though it wouldn’t hurt. (In fact, it would make them minty fresh, right?)

I guarantee that you will be surprised and impressed at the results of this strange little treatment! After you finish, applying a bit of gloss or chapstick will keep them feeling soft for hours.

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Laurel Smith