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Nails: Plain or Decorated?

In America, little girls like to put decals onto their nails in all shapes and colors.  In Japan, girls of all ages decorate their nails with decals and even larger plastic roses or dangling items.  The difference between the countries is incredible.

There are thousands of possibilities with fingernails, and everyone has their own preference for what looks good.  Some like complicated designs, large decals, plain matte colors, shimmering rainbows… even words painted on! However, the question still remains — do plain or decorated nails look the best?

For a woman with an important job, decorated nails would look silly, wouldn’t they?  On the other hand, tiny little cherry blossoms in white would look gorgeous on the nails of a bride.  There is no “best” look.  It all comes down to the event or daily activities that you will be showing your newly manicured nails off in.  Every girl has the right to beautiful nails, so make yours the prettiest you can and always have fun!

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