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Traveling with Makeup

There comes a time in every makeup lover’s life where she (or he!) has to travel with their makeup… That means, you guessed it, a plane ride. This always brings about a few questions, such as wondering if it is okay to bring certain types or if you need to place your entire makeup bag in a carry on. Over the past few years, airport security has become quite a bit tougher, after all.

Before you fly, remember to check in with your airline ahead of time. Also, check with your airport. Each airport will be able to tell you what the allowances are for taking makeup through security. Sometimes they will let you through freely, other times you will need to place your makeup in a plastic bag that you have brought with you. This is the safest of things to do, and I recommend that you do it every time you travel.

The general requirements are that you cannot take something that is more than 3.4oz onto a plane. This means the container size, not what is inside. Sort through your makeup bag before you leave if you decide you must have makeup with you and take out the essentials, making sure that they are small enough to be allowed. If you aren’t sure, always put it into your checked baggage.

As long as you are careful, you should have no problems at all!

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