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Upper Lip Hair

Having extra hair anywhere can be very embarrassing for women, and the upper lip is no exception. It is ingrained into us that women should not have facial hair, but it is actually a natural thing in that area! Despite it being natural though, most of us hate its appearance. We have the options of getting rid of it or hiding it available to us, luckily.

Hiding that extra hair can often be the easiest of solutions. You can head to any store and pick up a facial hair bleach kit. Using it will lighten up the hair so that it is barely visible or not visible at all. It is a simple and painless solution, so it is definitely a top choice!

On the other hand, if you want to completely get rid of it, a wax kit may be more up your alley. Though a bit more painful, it is still a simple solution. You put the wax on, and then pull it off — just like you would your legs! This will remove the hair for awhile. Alternatively, if you don’t like the pain of waxing, you can try a cream that will remove it for you. Make sure to get one specifically for the face, though! Shaving is not recommended.

And of course there is the permanent solution of laser hair removal.  It will only work on very dark har, since blonde or gray hair will not be affected by the laser.  This is a permanent solution, but it involves several treatments that are expensive and somewhat painful.

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