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Cleaning Out Your Makeup Kit

After a certain point in your makeup’s life, it is time to say goodbye to it and throw it away. This can be a very hard thing to do, considering how much money people invest in their choices! Also, no matter if it is an expensive brand or a cheap one, we tend to get attached to our favorite shades of eyeshadow or that one eyeliner that always gives you the perfect look. How many times have you picked up a tube of lipstick and wondered how long you had owned it, or realized that you weren’t even sure where it had come from anymore?

For the most part, any piece of makeup that is over two years old should be tossed. Some have an even shorter shelf life, lasting only up to six months. I know, I know, it’s hard! But think of the good you are doing for your skin! Better than that, think about the shopping spree you can have buying all new makeup!

The first thing you should do is lay everything out in the open; look at all of it and check to see if there is anything you have had longer than two years. Set all of that aside in a pile. Next, try smelling each piece; if it smells bad, it should go into the toss pile. While you’re at it, why don’t you get rid of the things that you just don’t use anymore as well?

Now for the hard part! Everything that went into your toss pile should be, well, tossed! Into the garbage for all of it. Think about what you’re left with as the beginning to a wonderful new relationship; and now it’s time to add in some friends! Happy shopping, girls!

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