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Damaged Hair Beauty Tips

Stray hairs, split ends, unbearable dryness.. all the symptoms of damaged hair! It happens quickly and gets worse just as fast. Most women let it go and simply wet down the flyaway hairs or put product into it to keep the frizz from taking over. Some look at their split ends and think that it’s okay, because they don’t seem to be doing anything. Wrong! Damage can really take a toll on your hair, and there are some easy ways to fix it.

The most well known tip is simply snipping away the split ends. This not only gets rid of them, but keeps your hair growing at a nice pace. You should do this at least once every two months (but once a month is better!), either at a salon, or even at home. Just trim the tips off, no need to get rid of length.

Another good tip is to only shampoo and condition your hair two or three times a week. I know that it can be hard if your hair gets oily very fast, but in the long run, it will help you keep the damage to a minimum!

Now, for a less conventional tip.. a homemade deep conditioning product. This can be made out of various things, such as suntan oil, mayo or even egg. A great recipe is one cup of mayo and ½ of an avocado. Whip up your concoction and apply it to your hair, then leave it on for ten to twenty minutes before rinsing it out. A hot towel wrapped around your head will help too!

In the end, if the damage is too bad, you may be forced to lose a bit of your length. This is an option most people really hate to take, so taking good care of your hair is the best thing you can do from the very start.

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