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The Right Foundation

Have you ever walked out of the house only to notice that your foundation didn’t quite match your skin tone? It’s actually very common! Many people put on their foundation, make sure that it is blended well, and generally do everything right… and then find out that they’ve been using the wrong shade. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Each company has a different palette of shades that they use.

The trick to a great base is finding out which shade matches your skin tone. It may sound tough, but it isn’t. Actually, one of the best ways to do it might even be fun! If you have access to a local mall, you can get a bit of help; a second opinion. The workers at the makeup counters can assist you in finding that perfect color. And how do they do this? By testing.

Before you pick any foundation, you should test it out. Put it onto your skin and see if you can tell where it went on. If it blends in perfectly, you have your color! It sounds simple, but hundreds, if not thousands, of people have a problem with it each day.

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