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Eyebrow Maintenance

Eyebrows can be such a mystery to women. Figuring out your shape is tough, deciding on how you want to remove the hair is awful, and even understanding how to take care of them can be a chore. Do you brush them when you put on your makeup? How often should you remove the hair? Do they need cleaned? Well, let’s see..!

Should you brush your eyebrows? Yes! It sounds silly, but taking an eyebrow brush and running it backwards along your brows, and then smoothing them back out can really add definition to your shape. The results are instant, and you might be surprised!

How often should you remove the hair? If you pluck your eyebrows, you can freely pluck the pesky hairs away as they grow back. If you wax, you’ll need to wait until the hair reaches a certain length, which differs between wax types. There is no set time amount, it all depends on what you can stand.

Do you need to clean your brows? Well, they usually get cleaned pretty nicely when you wash your face or while you’re in the shower! They don’t absolutely need to be washed, but it definitely can’t hurt them! In fact, some people say that conditioning them like you would your hair does wonders for them. This is also up to personal preference.

Eyebrows are one of those facial features that many women just don’t understand, but don’t worry! They’ll look gorgeous in no time!

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