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Wavy Hair Tips

Celebrities always seem to know what to do with their hair and how to have perfect styles with no effort. One style in particular that is very popular is when they turn their straight hair into miraculously not tangled waves. Curls can be tough for an everyday look, but wavy can sometimes be even harder to perfect without a stylist. An at home attempt can easily end up frizzy and out of control.

Before you start, you should make sure that your hair is clean and well conditioned. While drying, work in a bit of volumizing product, which you can find in just about any store that sells hair related items. Any brand or type works! Now take out your blow dryer to activate what you just put in. Start at your roots and work your way down.

On to the curling! You’ll want to use a wide-barrel curling iron, and keep in mind to not hold it in your hair longer than ten seconds, or you’ll end up with tighter curls. For wavy hair, we don’t want really tight curls! When you finish each one, either hold it in your palm until it cools or pin it up on your head with bobby pins. Work your way through your hair this way, doing it in small one inch sections until you look quite silly with all of your curls on your head!

The mistake people usually make here is brushing their curls with a comb.. don’t do this! Just work your fingers gently through them to get the desired curl, then spray a bit of hairspray on. Wavy hair has never been so simple!

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1 The Boss { 09.24.10 at 10:36 am }

Finally, an easy step by step to not ruining your look with a hair malfunction…having to start all over again….re-washing, re-drying, etc,etc…..thanks for the tips, Yvette

Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith